The greatest friendships can come out of the blue…

The true story of one woman’s quest to befriend and protect an extroverted wild dolphin, Moko. Filmed in the six months leading up to Moko’s death, Soul in the Sea follows a journey of discovery, devastating loss, and resolution. It’s a love story with a difference; breaking through the invisible wall between people and animals, celebrating the incredible experience of friendship with a lone wild dolphin, and questioning whether we are truly aware of these souls in the sea.

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Kirsty Carrington
Errin Hallen
Grant Duffield
Peter Cavanagh
Dave Peck
Robert Purewa
Howard Hyland
Andy Bassett
Mike Jones
Jamie Quirk
Colin Holmes
TJ Haney
Karen Esterhuizen
Martin Williams
Dr Ingrid Visser
Phil Van Dusschoten
Diane Turner
Pouroto Ngaropo
John Heaphy


Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor: Amy Taylor
Executive Producers: Suzanne Chisholm, Michael Parfit
Online Editor: James Brown
Sound mix and design: Dick Reade
Composer: Matthew Caradus
Colour correction: Amit Tripuraneni, Colourlab Pictures
Graphic design and website: Anthony Terry



AMY TAYLOR: Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Editor

Amy completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Natural History Filmmaking at the University of Otago and Natural History New Zealand. Her student documentary about Hectors dolphins (Beyond the Kelp) was broadcast on Maori TV. Amy has since worked on various documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos as a producer, director, cinematographer and editor.

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We wish to thank everyone who has been part of the production and filming of Soul in the Sea. A very special mention of gratitude to our wonder Pledge Me donors who gave so generously, and the New Zealand Film Commission and the AMP’s Do Your Thing scholarship programme for their sponsorship. Thank you.

A big thanks also to Auckland’s Whale & Dolphin Safari

“To the dolphin alone beyond all other, nature has granted what the best philosophers seek: friendship for no advantage.”  Plutarch, 62 AD